I have thought about Sapphire Stream for over a year now. Not only because this is how long I have had the domain registered, but I do have some business things associated with the name. Though, what I really needed to pin down was what this space would be. So here it is, an exercise has taken me over a year.

I already have a personal blog and several little blogs, those are not going away. I think like many other people my blogging has declined since I have started using Twitter. Then when trying to approach a professional themed blog, I was tormenting over whether I really have much to say here.

The Sapphire Stream Twitter account has existed for a few months. I admit it is mostly links and I do not engage much there, though I think that is because I already have a personal twitter account and I want to engage in that space on all topics. I started thinking about the people I would follow on the Sapphire Stream account though, thought leaders in UX, people I respect and admire, and other UX practitioners. That feed was less about who was following me and became about whom I was following. I do find keeping multiple Twitter accounts more difficult than keeping multiple blogs, but having a dedicated feed to UX on my Sapphire Stream Twitter account has potential as another stream for discovery.

Then I thought I wanted Sapphire Stream to only be about freelancing, but that is difficult when I know I do not want to only be a freelancer. I like the freedom of freelancing, but I actually also enjoy going to work. Of course, having an awesome job to go to will help. I do want this space to have some flexibility and to adapt as I do with my career.

I think the future of Sapphire Stream encompasses the future of my professional life and me. I am a part-time post-graduate student in UX that needs to start thinking about a dissertation. I am also a part-time IA in a top advertising agency in London, which I admit is pretty exciting and unique. My job has obviously given me a new fascination with the advertising world and how UX fits in, and I think this space would be a good place to explore that more.

What I have finally concluded is that Sapphire Stream is still about me, but it is the UX part of me. It turns out I do have a lot to say on the subject, with a number of blog post topics lined up, and why not? It is what I am passionate about!

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